kaz for souk ukaz: there she goes. again.


the usual pre-travel mayhem
By karenconnelly
the bank, the child, the husband, the house, the article, the forward for the photobook, a note to Susan G, call greece (book ticket or no?) maru’s # in spain, the bank again, hair cut.

and as usual anxiety about the long questioning i’ll receive at customs in the u.s. though last time it wasn’t that bad. but lots of passport stamps incite questions. imagine what it must be like to travel w/ a middle eastern name, brown skin. well. no need to imagine (think of that writer who now refuses to go to the US) it was worse when i lived in greece, but still.

it is an energetic thing, actually. the customs officers sense that i am anxious about border crossing and instinctively unconsciously wonder why and therefore become suspicious. but who isn’t anxious about it these days? ( well, a lot of people, perhaps)

why? why, when i now have an address and a place to live in north america? habit of the vagabond years i suppose. et aussi l’habitude de la france, de la grece–la conviction que traverser la frontiere est casser quelque mensonge. ouvrir le mensonge qu’on dit a nous-meme—-


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One Response to “kaz for souk ukaz: there she goes. again.”

  1. mabrouckrachedi Says:

    Karen, I notice that you can write French. You’re my new best friend! A demain.

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