A nous deux maintenant !


I was convinced that Soul Ukaz would be a once in a lifetime experience. Indeed, it is. Like those people saying they saw the Halley’s comet, we all will be proud to be witnesses of the volcano’s cloud ash. Sure our grand-children will hate us when we tell them this incredible story for the 100th time in front of the chimney. I foresaw my future last night:
– I was traveling during Eyjafjallajokull’s eruption.
– What?
– Eyjafjallajokull’s eruption.
– What?
– Eyjafjallajokull’s eruption.
– What ?

Like “Groundhog day” directed Harold Ramis, it will be a never ending story because a never ending name.

This funny story of volcano learnt me about French History. Did you know that French revolution was partly due to Laki, another Icelandic volcano? It erupted in 1783, causing a series of bad crops. Peasants got starved and then, the revolution. Iceland responsibility remains unclear about the assassination of President Kennedy but I strongly suggest a federal investigation.

This adventure also learnt me about the difference between an American and a French. For me, a human being capable of flying from the US to Germany to the US to Jordan to finally rally Israel looks more like Superman than a true human being. Americans are people in action and guess what? It works! We French are old inhabitants of an old country of an old continent. We were taught from Jean de La Fontaine’s fable “Le lièvre et la tortue” (the hare and the tortoise) that “rien ne sert de courir, il faut partir à point” (approximatively “it doesn’t worth running, one must start on time”). So we take our time. And guess what? I’m still in France. I understand why lucky Americans have Obama while we have Sarkozy. Plus, I am from an Algerian heritage. People wanting a visa for Algiers know what it means. When an Algerian starts saying “there is no problem”, you’re in trouble. Algerians laugh at the homophony between “sans problème” (no problem) and “cent problèmes” (a hundred problems).

Today, I decided to explore my American side and took my ticket to Marseille. There, will happen what will happen. In Iowa City, I felt as a Hawkeye, the football team remained undefeated till I left. Like Rastignac defying Paris in “Le Père Goriot” of Honoré de Balzac, I cry to Casablanca:”A nous deux maintenant!



One Response to “A nous deux maintenant !”

  1. tatiana Says:

    the more important is “it doesn’t worth running ,one must start on time”.it’s a reality,isnt ‘it .

    eyjafjallajoukull (atchoum).

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