amal and her daughter, who gave me the lemon


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One Response to “amal and her daughter, who gave me the lemon”

  1. karenconnelly Says:

    I cannot seem to make this caption stick, not sure why. this from Kaz, on her last post:

    fractures upon scars upon the present after the past through the past, beyond the past. now, and now. Amal is a Jerusalemite but her husband who is from the West Bank has never been allowed to live with her and their children. she has to go to the West Bank every weekend with the kids. \”I am from Jerusalem. Why would I leave my home? You\’ve come all the way from Canada to see Jerusalem–why would I move to Ramallah, the West Bank, just because the Israelis don\’t wan me here?\” She shows us the place where a bomb exploded just outside the front door when she was a seven year old child. her brother in prison for 21 years, died there. she\’s afraid to leave the children alone in the house now because soldiers could come at any time; the eviction notice has been served. in six months or a year, or next week, who will pick the lemons?

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