Don’t be fooled…this one is from Gary Nabhan


The World Is Moving Too Fast For Us To Sit Still

We all kissed our kids and mates goodbye to get on planes and fly
To Algieria and Morocco, but before we even arrive
A volcano erupted, disrupting our air space, kicking ash
Up into the sky and dulling our horizons. No matter, we say,
We’ll just dump Algiers, then hightail it for the sea and the sun
And the sites which made Maroc unique. But somewhere along the way
I began to notice that lots of the plants I knew back home
Like prickly pear, maguey and maize, for they somehow got there
Well before our bus appeared. And other introduced plants—
the Aussie’s withered eucalyptus, Norfolk’s sprightly pine—
seemed to have moved in faster than we could blink our eyes.
So when we strolled down the winding lanes of the ancient souk,
and saw the very same ads we had back home: Sony, I-Pod, Nestlé, Coke,
it was just what Yogi prophesized: another deja view all over again.
And when we opened my ears so we could hear fresh sounds from the Maghreb,
Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley and Robert Plant blasted us away instead.
How did they all get here before we did? Why was it that they came?
Were they, like us, seeking something altogether different
From what they had fled back home? Airwaves, ads and ashes
Circling the globe way faster than we can even sit still…


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