I’m on a plane, I can’t complain



A given name is crucial. My dear fellow writers of the IWP Meena Kandasamy, Hanaa Hijazi, Hagar Peeters and Azeem Sajjad brilliantly proved it in their panel discussion “what’s in a name?” In Arabic my name means the blessed, the lucky. Several months later, I propose my contribution to the panel discussion. So, what’s in my name?

A ticket to ride

The train strikes was suspended on Monday in France. I had a clear shot to try to fly to Casablanca from Marseille but  everybody would think the same. I would to have to hang on. Without any hope, I went to visit the website of French company SNCF and surprise, there were seats left for one train: the one which fitted perfectly whith my flight to Marseille. As soon as I took it, the train was full. Now, I know what the winner of the national lotery feels. I had a ticket to ride and I didn’t care.

And the lottery winner is…

Last but not least, the timing was perfect to escape from the release of the French comedy “Camping 2”. Don’t know what it is? Let’s see this photo and you will understand. Scary, isn’t it?

Gare de Lyon = Waterloo, morne plaine (Victor Hugo; translation  “Waterloo, sad plain”)

The station Gare de Lyon promised to be the firts battle for World War 3. Remember all the trains were supposed to be full and people without ticket would try to get on any train car they would find. However, look what I saw in Gare de Lyon.

Nobody was there and every train was scheduled on time. And my train actually left the station right on time. My wtrain car was half empty and I could have the rare luxury to spread my long legs because nobody was in front of me.

Me vs the invisible man

Marseille’s bouillabaisse

I love stikes but I felt uncomfortable to go to Marseille. Well, I may be abstract to people who think you can play football with your hands but let me explain that there is a competition between Paris and Marseille in what you call soccer which is in fact real football. I’m a supporter of Paris, I was going beyond the enemy’s line. Plus, Marseille is about to become champion whereas Paris is far behind. I felt as a traitor. Arrived in Marseille Saint Charles’ station, instead of the local bouillabaisse, I had to go the Mc Donald’s. In a period of war, History has proved that resistance could rely on the US. I took some pictures from the Mc Donald’s terrace. I must admit that Marseille could be a beautiful city.

 Although the beautiful landscape, I didn’t want to explore the city any further, I was in Marseille, you know… The arrival at the airport may be trickier. Remember the traffic was just restarting and the scheduled flights was hazardous. Indeed they were… for all the flights but mine!

All flights “annulé” (cancelled) but Casablanca’s

The airport was as empty as the “gare de Lyon” in Paris. At the check-in, there was on the one hand a line and on the other hand, none. Guess which I chose? The woman told me I shouldn’t be allowed to check-in to skip the line because I had no child but she added with a smile that she would make an exception for me. Let’s rock’n roll! As usual, the terminal was empty.

When I went to the restroom, I read this tag. I swear I didn’t write it!

“OM =  enculés” ie OM means Olympic of Marseille (the soccer team of Marseille) and “enculés” means… fuckers.

Morale of the story

If I’m not mistaken, a Chinese proverb says that there is no way to the truth but the truth is the way. My way from home to Casablanca was as sweet as possible. The truth is I’m really blessed. Thank you mom, thank you dad, I know what’s in my name.



4 Responses to “I’m on a plane, I can’t complain”

  1. karenconnelly Says:

    wow! you’ve been so busy! writing so much. perhaps the answer to writers block is to spend a lot of time in airports, trainstations, suspended transit?

    mais c’est dommage. l’intensite du Jerusalem est formidable . . . and you would have added another layer to the conversations we’ve been having here . . .

    a bientot!


  2. mabrouckrachedi Says:

    You know Kaz, the truth is the way so now I’m arrived I may not write a single line!

    I miss Jerusalem, I would love to be there with you. Fortunately, I have Carol and Casablanca with me, two promises of awesome days.

    A bientôt et profite bien de Jérusalem.


  3. kobi Says:

    Those damn Americans and their McDonalds! You’re a guy from the Midwest, remember? You should have no qualms about ordering Bouillabaisse in Marseille.

    By the way, I looked up Benedict in a name book instead of the regular dictionary, and you were right. I think the dictionary definition was funnier, though 🙂

  4. tatiana Says:

    wonderful,thanks to your parents.Very well travel and when you come back to france.Be carefull .

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