Screaming Goats


Today we wandered the Berber market in a small town
outside of Essaouira. Like other Berber villages in the area, this one has the day of the week in its name to signify the day the market is open. This town was Wednesday something. Now I grew up in Iowa so the realities of our food supply are not unfamiliar to me but I was not prepared for this. Have you heard the desperate cry of a goat being slaughtered? Ugh! I contemplated becoming a vegetarian as I made my way through the goat heads, goat brains, and other parts I couldn’t even identify. The meat market/slaughter house gave way to a more pleasant vegetable market.  Now that’s more like it.  I have spared you the disturbing photos in scenes from our day.

P.S. Chicken for lunch and beef for dinner so the vegetarian thing didn’t stick.


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