Please allow me to introduce Sarah and Kaz


My trip to Morocco was quite weird but for those in Jerusalem, it was insane. And endless journey plus two of our fellows lost their luggage, imagine that! I felt a little uncomfortable when we joined these people who had good reasons to be at least nervous. My first vision of the supposedly disaster was a superb woman with a superb posture. I immediately identified her as a typically distinguished British lady. Later, I would eventually learn that she had Russian origins but I’m convinced that there is some Brummell’s blood in her family tree. Though, instead of drinking tea, she was eating something looking like a breakfast but it couldn’t be a breakfast because of eggs. Who would eat eggs in the morning? Oh yeah, an American. Kelly introduced me to the so gracious lady.
– Sarah meet Mabrouck, Mabrouck meet Sarah.
Actually, Kelly was probably mistaken. Sarah was one of the girls who lost her luggage and had an awful trip. The fresh “gravure de mode” in front of me wasn’t what I would call neither tired nor angry.
– Nice to meet you Mabrouck, did she say.
I don’t have the English vocabulary to describe the texture of her voice. Some people give Garbo and Bacall as examples. Forget about that, Sarah is now and forever THE voice. It has nothing to do with being gracious, it is to be grace itself. Mabrouck is not an easy to pronounce for American but no matter, the way Sarah says it is definitely the way it should be pronounced. Like Richard III, I would give my kingdom for a Mabrouck from Sarah.
– What a pity you lost your luggage!

I found very smart to remind her that problem. If one day you lose a leg, be sure I will say it to you as soon as I enter your hospital room.

–          Indeed, what a pity.

She repeated this sentence as if she was talking about the weather or the last movie she saw.

–          Aren’t nervous about that? I insisted heavily.

–          Oh yeah, she answered while delicately eating another piece of egg.

French humorist Coluche said about the news journalist Roger Gicquel that when a plane was crashing somewhere in the world, we had the impression that it crashed on his feet but for Sarah, it was the exact opposite: If ever a plane crashed on Sarah’s feet it would be as if it crashed anywhere else.

Then another woman appeared. It was probably a ballet dancer floating in the air.

–          Bonjour Mabrouck, Je suis Kaz.

The second person who pretended to have lost her luggage. I use the verb “to pretend” because there was something paradoxical in her enthusiastic arrival.

–          Well, nice to meet you, I answered in English because I suddenly lost all my French.

–          Dėsolée je suis un peu fatigué, j’en perds mon français, did she say in echo, using a perfect French.

I didn’t know that Souk Ukaz was a French speaking program where I would be the worst French speaker! Kaz started to talk to Sarah.

–          How are you doing today?

–          Fine. I didn’t have to wonder what clothes to wear today, that’s pretty cool.

–           I was asking myself if I would wear this beige trousers or this beige trousers. And I finally decided to wear this beige trousers.

–          However, I feel a little annoyed by one thing…

Finally, she would become furious. I was sadistically happy to see a normal reaction in this movie scene from the Monty Python.

–          My eggs are a bit too cold.

–          Oh my god.

Eggs were the big deal, who cares about his luggage in the 21st century? I had the impression to watch that old French advertisement where a house is being dislocated while a man continues to eat quietly.

Since that day, I’ve associated Sarah and Kaz in my poor little mind. Sorry guys If I mix up American phlegm with Canadian phlegm, they both look so much like British phlegm.

In Jim Jarmusch’s movie “Ghost dog: the way of the Samurai”, Forrest Whitaker says: “There is something to be learned from a rainstorm. When meeting with a sudden shower, you try not to get wet and run quickly along the road. But doing such things as passing under the eaves of houses, you still get wet. When you are resolved from the beginning, you will not be perplexed, though you still get the same soaking. This understanding extends to everything.” It certainly extends to losing luggage too. Kaz and Sarah have  understood it all to the way of the Samurai. When I’m in a desperate situation, I hope that I’m with these crazy women. I would maybe die, but I would die with class. I definitely have sympathy for daredevils.


3 Responses to “Please allow me to introduce Sarah and Kaz”

  1. Tracey Says:

    Haha, you always manage to surround yourself with beautiful women!

  2. karenconnelly Says:

    i love it. this is very funny and finally i have the time to read this blog! a ballet dancer! my perfect French. mais tu es vraiment trop toi, mais vraiment.

    which is, bien sur, parfait!


  3. sarahsaffian Says:

    Just because I’m a journalist, I need to fact-check: For the record, I did not complain about my eggs being cold (on the contrary, I was very grateful for them). Dare I say much of the rest isn’t true either, but I can’t deny that I’m flattered, ha!

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